A rival for my affection

Ok – I’m going to admit it right up front.  I’m in love.  Yup. I’ve fallen hard. 


At first I was apprehensive, wanted to know more, wanted to test the waters, wanted to trust but couldn’t commit, but now …. I’m done, no more fighting what was meant to be.


Who, you are asking, is the object of my affection?  Well, it’s not “who” folks – it’s “what”!  And that would be my new spray gun!  I love how it feels in my hands, how it responds, how it covers, how it transforms!


Here’s just a glimpse of what my new love can do:

It can turn this….


Into this….


I’m still working on the finished product, as the “paint and primer in one” did not do the trick


But that’s no fault of my new paint gun – it’s partly the “dummy at the home improvement store” and yours truly.  I know better!

So today – it’s off to find a primer that will seal properly and then I have another date with my new “love”, so don’t wait up! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

And you can bet that I’m looking at every piece of wood furniture in my house wondering  ……


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