Facial Proportions

Facial Proportions for Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration captures the ideal facial proportions of women as well as men. Some may argue that there's absolutely no need for the face because the main focus is the garment design. To an extent I agree that you want the focus to be on the clothing itself, however if I was to emphasise the face, I would've drawn a portrait instead of a full body. Fashion illustration, in my opinion, depicts the entire body: the movement, expression, attitude and clothing. 
So if you want, take the time to know the ideal facial structure. The eyes are located halfway from the top of the head to the chin. A quarter down from the eyeline is where the nose is usually placed. An eighth down from the noseline is where the mouth is. Note that the distance between each eye is the length of an eye.
Ideal beauty is all about the right facial proportions.


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