Water Lilies | Wandering Waters

There's a story within every artist behind their work. For this creation, my story is about love and a vision. Years ago I had the opportunity to stand only a few feet away from Monet's famous lilies in the exquisite museum, Musse D' Orsay. That moment everything in the world stopped as my eyes were lost in the wandering waters and brush strokes he shares with us. My dear husband to be took my love of Monet and mixed it with my love of paper. He is my creative process behind this piece, inspiring me to bring the lilies to life in a new form. So here you have lilies and lily pads sculpted out of heavy cotton paper. After carefully designing the scene on canvas I paint with oils bringing the subjects to life. It's unique media is quite special and very unusual. And there you have my story of the Wandering Waters. "It's art that changes our perspective of the world"


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Love, Noel


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