A Day for Love

The other day in yoga, my instructor Elaine reminded us of an important part of love. What she shared was so simple, yet so powerful. I believe in it so much and am so thankful Elaine is in my life to whisper her words of wisdom and inspire me to be better. I created this quote (above) in honor of what she shared to share with YOU for Valentine's Day.

I hope YOUR Valentine's Day is full of things that make you feel loved and happy!

I will be with my beloved husband. He is my world, my true love and my best friend. Mike, you give me so many reasons to love and more.  Thank you for your sweet notes in the morning, for telling me you love me every day, for your support always, and mostly, for being you. 
I love you with all my heart.

Tell me about your Valentine or Something you LOVE ~

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