Glimpse of Summer

 I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend ahead as we remember all who have served our country~ Summer is in the air here and the California coast has been picture perfect. After a day of photographing and studying the sea I couldn't help but to paint my memories.
 My soul is so connected to the water, I always find peace and happiness there. I crave the smell of salt water and the grainy texture of the sand. Often I find myself pulling out the paint brushes to express my love for this healing place.
 The waves have been sculpted from paper and plaster to create a unique 3D effect on canvas. Sculpting allows me to have the freedom to form the oceans movement.
Once the waves are shaped, I carefully paint the sea's hues with acrylics bringing it to life.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse of summer I bring to you~ To view more click HERE

Sending you warm sunny days ahead!
xo, Noel


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