A Vegetable Fascination

 I wasn't feeling so inspired this weekend until I came across the work of Maartin Kolk.
I quickly connected with his beliefs that he shares with us in his book 
"Bolted Doorgeschoten"

 Words from Define Us: Maartin spent his youth in the countryside of the province of Overijssel. Considering the environment of his childhood years, it is not surprising that a subject like bolted vegetables intrigues him. 

With this work, he aims to show that flowers, plants, and nature manifest themselves in very different ways. Instead of using plants and flowers as decorations or illustrations, he incorporates nature and its organic properties into the design.

The concept for this publication arose from his fascination with vegetable gardens and the conviction that common everyday things are all too often taken for granted. People eat vegetables everyday, but many of them are ignorant of the origin and growth of vegetable plants.
 For this book, he simply let himself be guided by the daily goings-on in his vegetable garden. He observed what happened, and wrote down his findings, registering bolting vegetables with a designer's eye. Proceeding from this conceptual line of approach, he highlighted the unexpected hidden splendor of vegetables and the extraordinary colors and shapes of bolted vegetables. The result is an exceptional photo document with intriguing images.
 I would love to have these.. How often do you see them this large??

I enjoy feeling connected with the simple art that surrounds us everyday. This inspired me to appreciate the raw beauty of 'life' and to reflect that towards my daily life. To be 'content' with what I have, how I dress, clutter in my home, and what I feed my body. When my surroundings are pure, I feel more pure. That's when I'm happiest and most inspired.

~Happy Weekend Friends~

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