The Wishlist

With the pressure of exams creeping in, it's quite funny that I find random internet surfing more interest than ever. Recently I've stumbled upon drawing workspace videos. After viewing a couple of drawing workspaces on YouTube and just about anywhere, I've found myself drooling over art materials. It's quite impossible for me to purchase all of these magnificent inventions right now. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon, either. [Insert deep sigh here].
I do admit that this wishlist has a recurring theme in it. I mostly want graphic markers and coloured pencils. I have a sufficient amount of these types of supplies already sitting in my drawing workspace, but somehow I want more. It is quite unnecessary for me to buy these in the future and I probably should purchase other materials that I haven't experimented yet such as oil paints. I guess I mostly gravitate towards drawing materials rather than painting supplies and considering that my illustrations are more recognised now compared to 5 years ago, I want to experiment which brand will suit my style best. With that said, yes, I am starting to save now to purchase these dream art materials! [Insert another deep sigh here].
It'll take time. Lots of it.


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