Christi Cakes~~

Who doesn't love cupcakes?
Today was one of those days where everything just fell in to place. I met Mike for lunch and after I wanted a coffee so I went next door to grab one and ran into an old friend that I went to design school with. Her Name is Christi Remland, little did I know, she's an exceptionally good baker and makes some ultra delightful cupcakes!
I had to share, as I died when I saw she bakes them in nut cups! These look like droplets from heaven. When we met, over 5 years ago she was so talented and creative... but I had no idea she was a true confectionery artist. She has traveled to Chicago to learn the tricks and techniques and now offers her wonderful talent for events, parties, weddings and more. I will be ordering these nut cup cupcakes from her for my next festivity!
Visit Christi's Blog Here
~if your local and wish to order some, email Christi at
xoxo Noel


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