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My Goyard. I bought this 6 years ago from a Flea Market here in California. At the time when I got it, I had noooo idea what it was. I have never heard of "Goyard" And obviously, the seller didn't know either because I paid a lot less than it's worth!! :0
A few years later, my parents came home from Paris and I noticed my moms new purse my dad bought her from Goyard. She told me everything about Goyard and said how amazing it is.
I went home that night and went to my trunk to get some shells out of it... then I looked closely and noticed it had the same pattern on it that was on my moms purse!
I looked closer and saw "G O Y A R D P A R I S" Engraved in the metal. I Screamed So LOUD of excitement as my heart dropped to the floor. I found a treasure, my own and I will have this forever. It's the only purse I'll every carry. What's your favorite purse??
~Henri Boy on his new Goyard~
My new little Swan. Made from plaster French Paper and love. Has different shades of white and adds such a whimsical touch to the home. Available on French Blue & Co.
A favorite place with some of my favorite pillows. Bari Cotton, Rough Linen and a Rosy on Slate Blue Linen. I loveee pillows!
A Big THANK YOU, for all YOUR comments on my last post.. you made me feel better in so many ways. Thank you for you wishes... xoxo Noel


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