My Moment with Laduree

My parents just got home from Paris and brought back some very special things...
As I opened my eyes and saw a Laduree box with my name on it, my mouth began to water.
It was that first bite of Rose' that instantly infused my mouth with a burst of remarkable flavor and textures. I couldn't resist and ate another.
My mind stopped for a moment and I just sat there in awe. I stared and the box, felt it's fine embossed details, while the sweet aroma filled the air. After my moment, I cried!
I cried with macaroon crumbs all over me.
Now I'm thinking I have issues! I've had Laduree specialities before, but they seem to get more and more special. What comforts me is that I can write about my moment and know there are many of you out there who relate. :)
~This Pistache Macaroon is for You~


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