The Gift of Inspiration

We don't get to choose when we want to be inspired. We may try, but the flow of it all may not be clear. So when inspiration does come it's a gift.
Your mind is instantly hit with a million thoughts.
I don't know about you, but I can't sleep and go crazy thinking.
I endlessly hunt, play, imagine and collect, so I can make sense of my thoughts in order to create.
Finally the color of soft pistache,vert and green tea inspired me.
So now I'm celebrating as I've completely opened my gift!
And my gift was to give Fanciful a "logo"
I fell in love with the color and knew it would stay with me forever. I wanted something that reminded me of Paris, something subtle and classy and something that would complement Fanciful. So this is what I got when I embraced my gift~
I'm so excited to have it done in time for the holidays and to wrap my fanciful creations with my new gifts!! My gifts of beautiful gift wrap, business cards and those extra touches that make it all so much more special. Also, A BIG Thank You to Mandy from A la Parisienne. She helped put everything together on my blog & Etsy and made it perfect!


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