An Award – and some secrets (shhhhh)


Last month my blog was honoured by my friends Kelly & Victoria over at Design Ties with a “Kreativ Blogger” award.  

To receive this award I have to reveal 7 things you didn’t know about me.  Well, if you ask anyone who knows me, I’m a pretty open book, but I’ll try to come up with some goodies.  Here goes:

1 - I am a pack rat.  Yep, I’ve got closets of bags and boxes and a basement full of Rubbermaid bins, boxes and shopping bags full of stuff.   I am learning to de-clutter (as I mentioned in one of my first posts on this blog – Spring Cleaning).  It is a very healthy and cleansing process, but sometimes, just sometimes, I miss my stuff :(.


2 - Hubby and I met when we were 18 while we both lived at the local YM-YWCA.  We have been together since – a total of 33 years – married for 27 of those – and I wouldn’t trade a single day!


3 - I love to drive.  Before we moved to our current house we had a 1 hour commute to work and back.  I did not mind it all – it was my wind-down time – I would think about what happened during the day or listen to music. I love long distance road trips and have often driven a good part of our trips down east or to Florida.  I would love to try driving a racecar – just once!audiR8CT3 racecar

4 - I am a member of a group of 6 women that have been friends for 30 years.  We get together as often as we can, and once a year we take a week to get away together.  In the beginning, we camped for the weekend, then added a day or two over the years and finally graduated to a week at a cottage.  We will celebrate 25 years in 2010 and are looking for a special trip to celebrate this great milestone.


5 - I L-O-V-E Sudoku.  I play every chance I get.  I even have the app on my Blackberry.


6 - Although I have no where near the reported 3000 pairs of shoes that Imelda Marcos owned, I do have my fair share (OK a few people’s fair share) of shoes.  I haven’t counted (I’m afraid to) but most of my closets at home have a couple/ten pair, then there’s the box I have at work, the rubbermaid bins in the basement… 


7 - This probably isn’t news given the amount of time it’s taken me to respond to this award – but I procrastinate.  Not on purpose, it just comes naturally – a gift you could say (or NOT!).  Sometimes it works in my favour, but most times not.



So there you have it … 7 things you didn’t know about me. 

I know that the rules are that I should pass this award on to 7 creative bloggers who will then tell all about their 7 things, but given the busy time of year we are in, I’m going to pass on this.  Instead, I’m just going to list 7 bloggers who inspire me with their creativity – no strings attached.  My gift to you!


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