Celebrating the New Year - Giveaway!

Before I left to San Francisco I promised to bring you back something special... So we stopped by this dreamy creative shop called 'Tail of the Yak'
every little corner had something that inspired me.
Even their gold logo on their boxes were special~ The Christmas angel made of hay greeted me from the window I couldn't wait to get inside, so I rang the bell to enter. And got my hands on something sweet & special for one of YOU! I had them wrap it with their pretty bow & a little pink mushroom from Germany.
Inside is a decorative ornate stone-like block. BUT, this isn't just decorative, little did I know, It's made of TEA!
Compressed tea that holds the aroma of fine black tea.
They told me you break off a piece and brew it just like any other tea.
So I got one for one of YOU and one for me!
Hold on... I have more for YOU...
Since we're coming into the New Year, I thought a 2010 Calender would be nice!
This is an exclusive 'Tail of the Yak' poster calender.
I hope you have a place for it and have room for tea~
The winner will be announced New Years Day!!!
Just leave a comment and mention a favorite shop of YOURS that INSPIRES YOU!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to sharing the New Year with you!


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