Love, Friendship, Sweets, Tokens: Valentines Day is Coming!

I can't help but to get excited about Valentine's Day so I've made some adorable tokens for you and found some too!
Handmade Paper Clay Hearts by Fanciful - Available HERE
I just love this! Comes with blank pages to write your own personal notes inside.
Available HERE~
Stunning Old French Book Dated 1791
Available HERE
These classy pearl necklaces are made by my loving Grandma Gloria. She uses sterling silver (&14k gold) fresh water pearls and pours her love into each one made. I absolutely LOVE mine, I wear it everyday. And look at this! They come gift wrapped...
Pearl necklace gift wrap above with a pink German mushroom from Addison Endpapers.
Available HERE~ Petite Paper Shoes, made just in time for Valentine's Day!
Each one is different in it's own way and comes in a reusable cotton Fanciful bag.
Available HERE
At last, Real French Bonbon's straight from Paris! Coconut & Strawberry flavored, chewy, powdery & sooo yummy. I could eat these all day!
Available HERE
(they also come in a bag that's printed "BonBon Fins" which means Fine Candies.)

Sending you love & friendship always~


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