One winning day!

Yesterday I got the very exciting news that I was one of the lucky winners at Low Tide High Style's lovely giveaway of these wonderfully beachy gifts :

The plate, coral votive holder and shell are perfect for my soon to be finished guest room.  The seasonings and spa mix will be put to good use too I can assure you :)!
Thank you so much to Kat at Low Tide High Style for having such an amazing giveaway.  I am anxiously awaiting the parcel delivery!  Just the thought of them warms me up on this clear, cold (-20 celcius) Janaury day!

Now, on the topic of winning .... hubster was at a curling event yesterday and bought a few tickets for a fund raiser to help the child of a colleague.  This is what he came home with:

Yes, that's right, a 46" LCD HD television!!! 

Part of me is saying WHERE am I going to put this monster? And another part of me is saying WOW, I can't wait to watch movies and sports on this monster!!!  The first part is the decorator in me, the second must be due to my declining estrogen levels these days :o)!  Of course the hubster is carefully considering the best viewing angles, wall-mounting considerations and the possibility of fitting it into his "lounge" (the unheated garage that he inhabits during our warmer months).  Needless to say that's "NOT" going to happen :)!!

There will have to be some planning and research done to find the right spot, but I'm more than just a little bit excited to get this baby installed and working.  Of course, like everything else in my life lately, there will be far to much work to complete before we'll get any where near installation !!! *sigh*

And the fun begins ...


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