At Last~

At last I've accomplished getting my Wholesale line set up on FrenchBlue & Co! Featuring my handmade creations exclusively for retailers and designers.
Click on the image below for more info on Fanciful Wholesale.
I have one more thing to say 'At Last' about..
(Me & Mike)
I get to pick up my sweetheart tonight from the airport!
He's been in Sweden and now he's almost home just in time for Valentines. ;0
I'm celebrating my 'at last' moments by eating these Handmade Rose Marshmallows.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist taking a bite before I took the picture!)
My Mom had these at her house for her Birthday. (My sister and I made Pink Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting and this is what my Mom has out on her Astier platter. Filling the room with a soft Rose' scent. The sugar cookies weren't important anymore.. :0 Mom has a way of finding the BEST)
These are maybe the best thing I've EVER put in my mouth!! They're heaven sent.
You can buy them on Etsy from Vintage Confections


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