La Chasse au Bonheur

I'm engaged in what the French call la chasse au bonheur, the hunt for happiness.
In Europe you find one who self indulges at a tiny table or a park for hours. Lingers excessively without guilt while entertained by tiny details that spark into something majestic. You find one sketching, reading, thinking or day-dreaming. No wonder most of the world's greatest philosophers came from Europe. They found inspiration from the dewy sidewalks, couples interacting, or just simply from starring into space until something radical popped into their head. It's not even about the coffee or food, it's about the moments that created a philosophy or a famous painting.
What exactly is it that Europe has that we Americans crave? If I were to linger at my cafe down the street here in Newport Beach I would feel guilty, while thinking to myself "I should get going, I have too much to do to be doing nothing" And even if I tried this, it wouldn't work. Most people would be in a rush, while talking on their cell phones. Not embracing time, or appreciating the way the sun lights up the crystal chandelier and dances through the room. I'm one of those 'people' and it saddens me. La Chasse au Bonheur is something I will always search for here. I'll always hunt for that inspiration that comes from doing, what we call, nothing while one in Europe may call it subjective well-being.
I will hunt for the grand happiness that comes from the pleasure of engaging life and appreciating it's curious surroundings.
Are you hunting for something?
Photo Credit Tongue & Cheek, Google Images


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