The Day We got Engaged

~He told me Christmas night we had to leave by 1:00pm the following day~
He planned lunch at one of our favorite places in La Jolla CA. and that night we'd stay at The Hotel Del Coronado waking up to the ocean on my birthday. I couldn't sleep knowing he planned such an exciting couple days for us. It was the most perfect way to finish off the year and relax.
December 26th we woke up so refreshed, I was sitting with my cat in my new plush white robe drinking a fresh juice Mike made for us. I was in a moment to myself and was so happy: Christmas came and passed, our families are all healthy, looking forward to taking off with my love. As these thoughts were going through my mind, Mike came over to Jade and I gave me a kiss on the forehead and asked if I'd like to open one of my birthday gifts early. He said "It's something I thought you might want to wear today" As he walked into the other room, I thought to myself.. "what could it be, a dress? No, it's probably a sweater". (which I was really looking forward to wearing cause he usually buys me something from Anthropologie) haha.
He comes out with a white shirt box wrapped with burgandy ribbon he found from my ribbon box of scraps. I laughed, giving him complements on his wrapping... I opened the box with him and inside was a tiny black box... He picked it up and smiled. It still didn't register in my mind...
"Will You Marry Me?" he said.
He said other things too, yet I was crying and nearly suffocated him with my affection I don't remember what else he said. I was in a state if euphoria that will only happen once in my life. It was a perfect moment that held everything important, a moment we'll never forget.
My partner for life, my best friend.
Off we went to The Historic Hotel Del Coronado celebrating. This hotel was built over 120 years ago holding some of the most majestic views of the pacific.
Our time there was indescribable, we were elated in pure bliss every second.
Together, in our own paradise.
Night of our engagement, what a gift.
Morning of my birthday, another gift.
I love you Mike, the best gift.


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