Winners | Two Snowflakes

Thank you, all of you for sharing such a special memory that means so much to you. I felt a warm connection to all. Each was beyond words.. reminding me of the true spirit of Christmas. It's those cherished moments that makes this time of year so special and I loved reading each and every one!
Each memory was so unique, not one like another just like a snowflake~ So I gathered all of your favorite memories and hung them on a tree. Santa told me the last two hanging will be the winners. So I did just that...
I sat and waited~
I watched them all blow away into the magic of Christmas~ All but two..
And finally, there were the two left..
Congratulations Sandy & Francine!
~Winners, please email me your shipping address~
And to all, thank you so much for joining my giveaway~ I wish you a wonderful Christmas that holds more favorite memories to come!
Lots of love,
Images from My Shabby Streamside Studio & Google Images


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