Happy Easter & Many Thanks

 I wanted to thank each and every one of you for supporting me through my journey with
The Martha Stewart Show
*In case you missed it, click the link above to watch video*
We finally made it home from NY.  Even though I love the city, I'm so happy to be home with the ocean air and my cat. Mike and I created memories that we'll never forget. We refused to take a cab or subway so we could take in everything around us. 
We walked 10 miles one day and found the most special places.
Having the opportunity to be on show still feels like a dream. When I see a photo of that time or watch the clip I feel like I'm watching someone else. I still can't believe that was me. Thanks to all of you, you made it more real for me. Your comments, emails visits to my blog, website and Facebook put it all in to perspective making me realize how lucky I am. I was extremely nervous, until I walked out from backstage and saw the live audience. I pictured their faces as my friends, family and customers. I suddenly felt at ease as I imagined you were there with me. And that is what kept me calm. Thank you SO much for watching and sharing this journey with me.
You all mean so much to me!
I look forward to sharing more about my trip but until then,
I send you and yours very Happy Easter Wishes~
Lots of love,


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