Hello Friends! I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was full of work but sometimes my work is play too. And yesterday, I played. My creativity was flowing ~ when that happens you have to run with it right? Happily I put my to do's aside and pretended I was creating a window display for ABC Home but really I was creating new introduction images for my website. So here they are!
I took elements from my home and things I love; Nature, Botanicals, Raw Objects, Beautiful Candles, Neutral Colors,  and mixing something new with something old. People ask me often if I decorate my home with my flowers. I do, and I float them under old glass domes ~ 
So I modified my display for my new images and wanted to share with you!
I was so inspired and sick when I discovered these candles. I fell in LOVE. If I ever created a candle line, this would be it. Well, and a tea fragrance line with real tea blended in the wax. You can find these candles at PEONY and COPPER STRAWBERRY. Two incredible shops, with two lovely owners. They offer the best of everything and more.
 My inspiration didn't stop with the floating flowers, I played with the new jewelry I just added to my website. I loved the way the photos turned out so had to share...
 Above: Natural Gem Slice Ring & Earrings, Branch Earrings and Petite Silver Drop & Gold Necklace.
Below: Pale Pink Drusy Ring

I hope you enjoy~ Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Xo, Noel 


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