Stained Glass Collection - Design 2

Stained Glass Collection

Media: Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pencils, Pilot G-TEC black fineliner and Quill white A4 Multiboard
Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

I am only on the second design of the collection and so far, it's been going great. It saddens me, however, that it's taking me what seems to be like forever to complete a single illustration. With the end of the first semester coming up, things need to be handed in and assessed. That means, exams.
I usually don't like to talk about exams and school on any of my social media accounts since it's such a cliché excuse when I haven't been able to update anything. I've used it so many times, even I don't want to hear about it any more, but things have been very hectic and stressful lately that I figured a short rant might just be able to calm me down.
I could wish for more time, however, I honestly just can't wait to finish the year.  In fact, I want time to go faster than the speed of light. The end of the year would mean the end of my high school life and a chance to start anew - to start fresh. Who knows what I'm going to be in the future, but I just know I won't ever be the same person I am today.


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