I recently found, opened an old journal of mine where I once stored a collection of things; my thoughts, a drawing, a memory, a photo but mostly, me. 
I haven't opened this book in years. Is it because I forgot it was there, or maybe I was afraid to relearn who I once was? Why did it take me so long to revisit such a part of me? At that time I felt the need to document and hold on to something. Almost 10 years later here I am revisiting this little book. It made me smile, laugh, cry but mostly, it made me grateful.
I now realize why I documented and held on to the things I did. 
To re-connect. Not just with myself, but with life
To manifest and adapt to the environment through change. 
Below is one of the poems I kept in my book.
I still love it just as much as I did then.
I hope you are well friends & I hope you enjoy!

Do you ever wonder
At the wonder of it all?

Do you ever stand in awe
of the tiniest things
and how perfectly they work together?

Do you ever stop to think
about all the possibilities
and how even though they have no limit
they grow in number with every minute?

Do you ever wonder
when the leaves flutter down in autumn
at the incomprehensible power of life
that brings them back in spring?

Do you watch the waves roll in
and then look out far beyond them
where the water seems to touch the sky
and realize
that the vast expanse before your eyes
is only a small little corner
of all there really is?

And do you comprehend that all there really is,
as unimaginably grand as it may seem,
is only a smaller corner still
of all that there can be?

Do you ever wonder
how love can stay alive
past every pleasure and every pain
and even when there can be no hope
there is more than ever?

Do you ever struggle to lift a heavy rock and wonder
how a massive mountain can rise
thousands of feet above the plain
without even trying?

Do you ever realize that
no matter how much you may know,
no matter how many wonders you may have experienced,
there will always, always be more?

Do you ever wonder
why it is you wonder
and why you know what beauty is
even though you can't define it?

Do you ever wonder
who is doing the wondering,
who is looking out through your eyes
and feeling completely at home
with the wonder of it all?

Whatever you believe,
whatever you profess,
whatever you doubt or fear or hope for,
there are some things
your heart cannot deny
when you let go
and let yourself know
the wonder of it all.

by Ralph Marston


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