Fanciful Designs going to Sarlo

I first discovered Sarlo from Habitually Chic One of New Yorks finest Interior Designers, Heather Clawson. Clawson said, "I love stores that look like homes. I think it makes it so much easier to picture how something would look in a room which is especially helpful for non-designers. They also look like places you would want to hang out in all day"

After reading that and getting inspired, before I knew it, I was talking to talented Gabriella Sarlo herself. A beautiful, talented designer/antique dealer fills her shop with sophisticated furnishings, vibrant vignettes, and an array of French antiques. Trips to Europe, and a great eye, there you have Sarlo. I couldn't be more thrilled to have my work surrounded by her stunning showroom.
A glimpse of Sarlo's Vibrant Vignettes...
A Fanciful Design going to Sarlo today...


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