The Paris Apartment

I recently heard about Claudia, The Paris Apartment who just launched her new amazing website. My freind emailed me a picture with these white curtains attached and I fell in love! Claudia had some of the most whimsical pictures of white curtains framing a window. There's something about them that takes you into another place.. making everything crisp, clean and clear. I love Claudia's taste... then came across her story! There's not too many people you feel you can relate to, but Claudia, you can. She explains, "For inspiration I watch 20’s and 30’s movies, read French & Deco design books - I collect tiny things; fabrics, vintage trinkets, & satin ribbons, and am fascinated by 1700’s France in the ‘Age of Enlightenment’, when all things were works of art and philosophies were flowing. - the objects they left behind are magnifique! Even a tiny scrap of cloth can be exquisitely intricate and I love to get lost in things like that!" Claudia's full story

Those tiny scraps, small objects, satin ribbons are so meaningful in my world... I have so many as they line the walls of my studio.

Satin Ribbons from Laduree
An old French Opera Ticket I found in one of my old books...
Along with this old ticket was a note from a lady named Bly giving her dear friend a book called " The Standard Operaglass" it covers every opera up until 1934. Bly and Mary traveled to Paris and saw operas together. She marked in the index of operas every opera they saw together.
I thought this was such a find. The ticket remains on a hook holder in my Paris Apartment.


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