Miss Swan

Miss Swan
She has been coming more and more alive! Dear Dana from A Fine Line wanted a beautiful window display and asked if I could make a paper bird. In my mind, I will make anything of paper! As we got into the project, I asked... what do you think of a swan? She laughed, as she was just thinking the same thing as she was looking through her French book! And that is how Miss Swan came to life...
She isn't quite finished yet, but I couldn't wait to share. Today I will be sealing and adding more paper to smooth her out. She will also get some fancy paper feathers on her wings!
And, Janet found this Handmade Vintage Umbrella that was once used as a prop! I think it makes the perfect prop for Miss Swan!
Miss Swan is life size and completely made of paper, plaster and more paperie!
I am so happy she is going to such a wonderful home.

I hope you're having a great week~ xo Noel


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