A Note for You~

I am really speechless. How have I never heard of her?
I found myself wandering in the library the other day getting books for my new projects... life does this sometimes to me and put me in the right place so quickly as I opened the first book I grabbed from the shelf and found a picture of an incredible piece of paper art by Susan Cutts.
As I share Susan Cutts talent, I also want to write this note to you all....

Dear Friends,
When I began blogging I was blown away by all the talent, inspiration and most of all, all the warm people I found on here. It immediately drew me into a different world. I found myself blogging for hours and hours a day as it quickly took over my mind. I've realized, if I continue to float in this world, I have less time for me, my creativity, family, friends, fanciful, and just being. I always thought I could eventually balance it, but I'm not the type that can. I'm trying to make my little self known in this beautiful world as an artist and want to continue making my living from it. As that is my main goal I have to discipline myself some. So I've decided to use my blog for my personal journal only to share with others. I'm still here and I still visit EVERY single one of YOUR blogs often... but in silent. I know you understand, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~My very best to all of you~


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