Back Home from Santa Barbra~

Blue Hydrangeas with yellow hints, warm people, weather that kisses your skin, shopping and yummy food. Just a perfect getaway.
We just got back from a wedding in Santa Barbra...
The two sweetest people, Mike & Julie had their reception at this exquisite hotel called The Fess Parker Double Tree Inn Hotel. It's a giant hotel that stretches along the coast of Santa Barbra.
-Thank you Mike & Julie for sharing your day-
The 3rd floor of the hotel is a lovely location that looks over the pacific and the lush green mountains. On our way home Mike drove me to my favorite stops. Above is a cafe grocery called Pierre LaFond in Montecito. They carry some tasty French treats and have yummy food along with a favorite shop upstairs.
We didn't get to see Oprah's $52 million Georgian designed estate (above) but we saw some beautiful homes tucked away in the hills as we drove for miles and miles through the peaks of Montecito. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
We ended our stops in Summerland. My parents have taken me there since I was little and I always love what I see. It's a small town south of Montecito filled of antique shops and my favorite flower shop called Botanik.
I missed you guys and am excited to go see what you've all been up to! Happy 1st of July! I'm filled of inspiration and excited to continue working on the new additions for Fanciful. I Hope your are having a beautiful week~~ xo Noel


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