Time flies....

It's been a busy month so far...a week with the in-laws in New Brunswick and another away with 5 of my closest gal pals at a cottage near Perth, Ontario, which was our 24th annual group vacation!!!

In between we had a busy week and finally have a working hot-tub in the backyard oasis. I will post pics soon!

During both weeks away I took the opportunity to do some research on our kitchen/dining room reno - here's what I'm thinking...
  • remove wall between kitchen/dining room and use space for a possible island
  • two tone kitchen cabinets - slate gray lowers and white uppers
  • uppers to the ceiling - need lots of storage!!!
  • some type of stone or stone derivative for the counter
  • built-ins in the dining room in the same white as the kitchen uppers
  • patio door in dining room to new deck (another project)
Without internet access, I had to resort to some good old fashioned research techniques - magazines!!! I will scan some of my inspiration photos and share in an upcoming post.

Of course, as you scan through the magazines new project possibilities always pop up --- ohhh honey, what if we .....


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