Ghosts of Versailles

Over the weekend we went to see "The Pageant of the Masters" in Laguna Beach. Every year they have a theme and create "living" art by taking images once painted by a famous artist and have real people in the painting that create the paintings into a three dimensional illusion creating an art you'll never forget. You are stunned by the talent, live orchestra, and all the life scale paintings. If you haven't been, you will have to see someday.
These images I'm sharing aren't from the Pageant, they're from one of the 145 artists that exhibit their work all summer each year.
Tim Dey used only bubble wrap and plastic to create these life size costumes.
People wore these for a fashion show.
Ghosts of Versailles he calls them. I just love it!
Oh it was fun! I hope everyone is doing well~ I am coming closer to launching my additions to Fanciful. It's taking longer than I thought but I want it to be perfect. :)
Everything will be featured on French Blue & Co. under the "Fanciful" floor soon. (and on my Etsy!) I'll be sure to post about it when I'm ready for you to see!


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