Project completion (large and small!)

OK – I’ve been blogging about several of the projects we have started (and want to get started) since June – time to deliver!


First was the purchase and installation of our new hot tub.  It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since we purchased it – I talked about it in this post – and told you about the preparation in this post.  There were some obstacles to getting the wiring connected (new GFI plug, new wiring on our panel, wrong GFI plug, sighhhh) but here, finally, is the final episode …

Because we have a very narrow entrance to our backyard, the delivery guys had to roll it (don’t worry it’s covered with a plastic protector) into position in the backyard. (I have a better picture, but there’s a plumbers butt problem that is just NOT blog-worthy – ewwww – and I still took they picture - ewwww)!


Here we are in place – but still empty – just calling our names …


When not in use (this doesn’t happen often) with the cover on.


And, finally full, with the power connected and jets on (and a beverage for hubby!)


We are extremely happy with our new toy and use it almost every evening!  The deck planning has begun!



This project is a prelude to the painting of my dining room table.  This is a small magazine stand/table that I purchased years ago at Michaels – one of those put together yourself jobs.  Well, years ago, I put it together and intended to give it a distressed look with several coats of different coloured paint, sanded on the edges and finally varnished.  I got a few coats of paint on – and then I guess life intruded and I haven’t done a thing with it until now.  I am using it as a guinea pig before the dining room table.  Here’s the picture book story:

Day the hot tub arrives, I decide to put the final coat of black over the white, then blue coats (all latex):
IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2029

After finishing the black coat, I let it dry for a few days and sanded it to obtain the distressed look.  After this, I applied two coats of poly varnish, the first with a sponge brush and the second with a synthetic paint brush.  The first coat of varnish resulted in bubbles in the finish.  After sanding again and applying the second coat by brush, I ended up with even more bubbles as you can clearly see below.

IMG_2277      IMG_2309

After consulting a couple of experts (thanks to my sister-in-law in NB) I decided to give it one more shot.  Another sanding and then the final coat with a sponge brush and a different poly varnish:

 IMG_2310 IMG_2311

 IMG_2312   IMG_2315

And here’s the final product:

IMG_2358 IMG_2359


Thanks to my Mother in law, Sister and Brother in law for the beautiful birthday flowers!


Well PHEWWWWW – two projects off the list – just in time for the four new ones I added :)


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