A Raw Occasion

Sometimes life surprises me and now is one of those times.
Our close friends Keith & Suzanne recently introduced 'raw' to Mike and I and
I've become more and more amazed by the lifestyle, well-being and creative aspects.
This totally surprises me because I'm one of those people who used to think vegetarians, raw foodies, vegans were weird. I just love food too much and could never understand why people would cut their diets so short and choose to miss out on the good stuff.
Lately, my thoughts are gradually changing. We've been eating so whole and pure my mind and body have completely transformed. I'm so excited about it, I had to share with all of you~ It's a feeling that's almost unexplainable and even more powerful than you hear. My energy level has increased a million times and by head feels crystal clear all the time.
How could you ask for more when your life suddenly becomes more enjoyable?
Tonight Keith & Suzanne are having us over for dinner. Suzanne is going to prepare a Raw American inspired meal of Garden Veggie Burgers, Jicama Fries, 'Mashed Potato's' with Mushroom Gravy and for dessert, Chocolate Ice Cream Sundaes.
I'm so excited to be in each other's company and discuss this incredible Raw Occasion.
I'm planning on bringing a hostess gift and wanted your advise~
Should I bring some Fresh Potted Herbs that she can keep in her kitchen?
Or should I bring my Homemade Raspberry Hibiscus White Tea & Ginger over ice with my recipe attached and a bundle of Fresh Mint?
(This tea is sooo yummy. All you need is 1 cup of water to a boil then add 5 White Tea bags and 5 Raspberry Hibiscus tea bags, 1.5 tsp of fresh graded ginger, reduce heat and add agave nectar to desired sweetness. Let stand for 30 minutes off heat, strain into a pitcher and add 2-3 cups of cold water. Serve over ice with fresh mint & raspberries. Emmmm~~ I drink this all day everyday!)
I love sharing this with all of you and if you ever need more fresh and healthy fixes visit Simply Mel's blog REVERIE. She's incredible and beautiful inside & out. Every time I visit her blog she's always is making my day feel a bit brighter and more balanced. She also has an adorable on-line boutique filled with a collection of quality items you can visit HERE~
Wishing you all a beautiful day! xo,


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