Where did she go???

searching%20edited Ahhh, there she is!


Don’t worry my fabulous blogging friends - I am still here.  I've been so so busy with work (my day job - not decorating *sigh*) and my recent addiction to the Olympics (twitch twitch) that I'm afraid my blog has suffered.

And it's about to suffer a bit longer … 




So, after a very exciting day tomorrow chilling with Kimberley Seldon learning all there is to know about the Business of Design; the hubster and I are off for a week of sun and sand.  We are going to enjoy some downtime that we both well deserve and are so looking forward to.




There’s a song by the Zac Brown Band that I’ve been listening to lately called “Toes” that perfectly describes what the next week will be like – have a listen:

Stay tuned my friends, when I get back I’ll let you know how both events went. 

Adios and vaya con Dios ….



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