Designs for Christian Dior

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from the Artistic Director of Christian Dior Parfums inquiring about my work. My heart stopped and my hands started shaking as that moment my dreams as an artist came true. For such a superior icon of fashion and design to notice my work it felt entirely unreal and rewarding.
First let me say, he was the nicest man. He had so much excitement in his voice, I immediately felt like I was talking to an old friend while sharing common interests of design.
After a wonderful 'meet & greet' he requested samples of 4 different flowers. I learned they would be used in a presentation for possible usage for Dior's packaging.
One of the flowers being a Daisy, and the other 3 a Rose blooming in 3 different stages.
He wanted one of the 4 flowers to be Dove Grey as he explained "Very Dior".
I immediately decided to design the Daisy representing the color of Dior. It was the only one with cut petals so I thought with the painted finish it would be a perfect fit. The Daisy turned out to be my favorite. Maybe because it took the longest to make or simply because of it's color? 1st Stage of the Rose~ (Below)
Not completely bloomed and still looks like a rose bud as the petals are closer together.
2nd Stage of Rose (Below)
Petals are further apart and now the rose has bloomed
3rd Stage of Rose (Below)
Final state of it's life, petals are completely bloomed before they begin to fall off.

After creating these I had to make sure my packaging would
complement my highly adored flowers, so I found these perfect lucite boxes. I was thrilled as they didn't take away from the design of the flower.
Lastly I put them in box that I lined with a very Sheen Black fabric.
And at last, off they went to the Fashion House of Dior Parfums in Paris~
I'm very honored and so thankful I had this opportunity to create for the professionals of Dior.
Even though they have decided to go in another direction for them, I know that I'll hold on to this forever as it's one of the greatest gifts I've received for myself yet.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Big Hugs to all of YOU!


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