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I’m far too mature to make excuses (well most of the time) and who am I kidding?  By the time anyone reaches “this age”, they pretty well know themselves and should be honest enough to admit it right.  So, here’s my big confession, although I think you’ve already figured this out – you are pretty bright people … :)

It takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to finish projects!

And that is for one reason only – I procrastinate – as I’ve confessed in my post about my dining room table.  Since starting this blog I’ve mentioned the following projects to you:

And you’ve all been very patient, waiting for news about them and occasionally reminding me about them (thanks for that :)).  Granted some of these projects are a long time in the making, but even so, I should just get my butt off this chair and show you the progress at least right?

So - let’s start with my dining room re-do. Unfortunately, there’s not too much to report on this as it will most likely be part of a much bigger reno – the kitchen.  Right now the kitchen and dining room are separated by a wall with a french door (which is never closed).  Here’s a floor plan view:


And this is what I want:

new kitchendining

Based on these inspiration photos:

UlyaJenseninteriorscom  (from local Ottawa Interior Designer Ulya Jensen from HGTV fame!)

And this – my original inspiration:

dining_room(from Interior Designer Phoebe Howard)

Needless to say – this is a BIG project and although it is on the list, it’s one that will require a wee bit of capital, so you probably won’t be seeing or hearing much about it soon :)!

Stay tuned and I’ll update you on my other projects – I promise :)!


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