Art Materials

Art Materials

It seems that I get quite a few questions on what art materials I use: from pencil all the way to my different colouring supplies. If you're anything like me, it's possible that you also like collecting pencils, pens, erasers and all kinds of supplies. 
I remember in 4th Grade, I had Lyra watercolour pencils that my dad bought for me. I used it in school and a girl asked me, "Why do you have so much pencils?"
"She want to have all the art materials in the world" my friend replied to the girl, then she looked at me for affirmation. I nodded.
It was exactly my dream when I was 10 years old. It seemed like a simple dream, but now that I think about it, there's possible a small chance that I'm going to own every single art materials out there in the world.

So here's a list of the basic art materials I own and love:

- Pentel Techniclick 0.5mm mechanical pencil
- Pentel AIN 0.5mm pencil lead (both in HB and 2B)
- Faber-Castell PVC-Free Space Eraser
- Pilot G-TEC C4 0.4mm black fineliner
- Pilot G-TEC C3 0.3mm black fineliner
- Reflex 80 gsm white bond paper
- Quill XL Multiboard 210 gsm white paper
- Copic Ciao Markers (both 72 set A and B)
- Copic Various Refills 
- Faber-Castell 48 Classic Colour colour pencils
- Uni-pin Fine Line set of 5 black fineliners
- Uni-ball Signo Broadopaque white fineliner
- Glitter pens
- Derwent 36 Studio colour pencils

My art materials are not the most well known or most expensive brands out there. Some professional artists might not recommend these brands, especially the ones I buy from the dollar stores (and trust me, I buy a lot of art materials from there). For me, I'd start with inexpensive art materials because I am a beginner and a self-taught artist, therefore most of the art that I produce is experimental. I don't want to be buying expensive art materials and produce artworks when I know I have so much more to improve on. Perhaps in the future, when I take up some art classes, and find a stable job, I might use the artist quality and brands as my art materials. However, for now, I'm satisfied with the ones I have. I think: It's not whether you own a lot, it's more about what you can do with what you have.


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