Stained Glass Collection - Design 3

Stained Glass Collection

Media: Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pencils, Pilot G-TEC black fineliner and Quill white A4 Multiboard
Time: 2 hours

This is by far the longest time I have ever taken to draw a complete fashion illustration. I guess it's been a while and I lacked practice.
The collection hasn't been completely abandoned, although finishing it is taking longer than expected. It was in early May this year when I started, and I swore I'd finish it in like a month.
I'm determined to finish this collection since there were a few ones that I abandoned, for example, the Queen Couture Collection. I still like to tell myself from time to time that I just took a break from it - a long break - and I'm going to finish it in the future. However, it's an undeniable fact that there's no way I'm really going to complete that collection. The idea was great at that moment, and I still think it has potential, but none of the dresses I designed fit what I had initially imagined the collection to look like. (That's a whole different story though) For this one, I'm working my way through to completing it, and it might be taking more time than necessary, but as long as I finish it.


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