Bonpoint Paris Finds Fanciful

photo above by fanciful designs
After a couple months in the making, we are so excited to take on this project for the family of Bonpoint Paris! If you don't know of Bonpoint, they're a discovery you'll never regret finding. Bonpoint is a fine creator of children's fashion and still stands as an in-house design studio. Within are ones who take every fine detail in to consideration while they hem and sew the most precious garments for infants to childhood. From party dresses to trousers each is meticulously hand-crafted. If anyone understands showing extreme care about minute details; precise and thorough hand-crafted art it's me. I find myself and my art having similar traditions to a shop like this. I would never give up the quality I pour into every piece, every flower and every design. That is why this is such an honor  to create for such expertise, in the heart of Paris. So now, the production begins! Fanciful will be creating over a thousand custom whimsical garlands to soon dress the windows for Bonpoint shops! 
Adorable Suri Cruise dressed in Bonpoint above adored with inspiring Bonpoint images.
 Sighhh, Bonpoint's signature. A soft fragrance for mother & bebe, natural & safe for all~ 

Au revoir for now! Thank you so much for visiting my dear friends~ xx


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