"Coco Before Chanel" - 15 More Days!

A few months back, Judith from Paris Atelier shared the exciting news of "Coco before Chanel" being released in France, and now it's finally our turn!
We have all been awaiting it's arrival~ Will be released in theaters on September 25th!
I thought the bio from last year was great, but I think this may be better!?
I've become a fan of Audrey Tautou who is playing as Coco, which makes me even more excited to see this movie.
If you have/haven't read Judith's post on this, go see or see again! It will get you even more excited along with more info on the movie and other great pictures!
Judith's Coco PostYes, I've got my favorite Trader Joes's popcorn stocked up and ready to pop in advance for the movie. It is OK to bring your own! This has the perfect buttery and salty combo you won't want the theatre yuk anymore. And even more, it's the perfect size, not too big or too small. That's why I pop one bag alllll for myself and never feel guilty. :)
~ Enjoy the Movie! ~


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