La Casa Pacifica

There are certain people you meet in your life that you know are special. I met Ninetta Herbert years back when we had Arbor. (Arbor was our family dream shop).
Ninetta is such a sophisticated and beautiful woman. I can talk to her for hours about details of papers, old antiques and festive tiny things. She and her husband live in the old Nixon estate in San Clemente, Ca. Some may know it as "La Casa Pacifica"
(The Spanish House)
Recently she requested a custom album to hold pictures of Nixon's China trip from 1972.
So, here it is!
We chose classy colors of Gold and Black...
My favorite part of making custom albums is knowing it's going to hold some unforgettable moments in a personal handmade album. This one not only moments, but History as well.
*I Now Offer Custom Albums~ Email me at and we will go over details*


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