This really IS Labour Day!!! (Part I)

So what do you do on a warm sunny rain-free long weekend?  Do you pack up and head to one of a dozen friend’s cottages? 

226517962_41edeebd87 Do you invite friends and family to enjoy an end of the season (say it ain’t so …pout…) barbeque? 


Do you pack up a lunch and head out on the sail boat? 


Nope, you knock a project off the project list … sighhhh.

For some months now I’ve been talking about my plans for my dining room table.  This is the picture that inspired me, which I posted about here, and later found belonged to Phoebe Howard the US designer.


Then the other day I found an entire post about pedestal tables by Pure Style Home and these images (all from Pure Style Home) pushed me to get a move on my dining room table …

marhtagrandlake Dining-Room-Mahogany-Table-HTOURS1106-de flickerpedestaltable

So, today I got started.  Here’s a picture of the table as it sits today. This table has been in our family for probably 35 years.  My parents purchased it used while we lived on our hobby farm where it served as the perfect farm kitchen table.  In later years it served as a dining room table in several of my parent’s houses, and for the last 10 years in my houses as kitchen and now dining room table.  See the damage on the table top?  I’ve been living like that for WAAAAAY too long.


Turned over and ready to be taken apart.  OMG is that GUM I see stuck to the bottom? sigh … kids … who are now 22 and 25!!!

IMG_2413And now in parts, ready for it’s transformation …



Stay tuned for Part II, where I’ll show what it looks like through the next steps.


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