The “Matawatchan” Project …

Mat-a-who-chan you say - that's Mat-a-watch-an - a tiny village south-west of Ottawa, Ontario.

Recently the hubster and I packed up our work clothes and headed to Matawatchan. The purpose was to visit our good friends who are re-building a 125 year old log home. These friends have provided me with my very first project as a decorator - and a doozie it is - but hey I'm up for a challenge!!!

Log Home with Roof

This labour of love has been underway for several years now, beginning with the purchase of the property, followed by a couple of years to dismantle, number, clean and restore the logs. A foundation in the new location was poured a couple of years ago, last year the beautiful old home was resurrected in it's new location and this year it was topped off with a shiny new roof. Next will be windows, doors, exterior and interior chinking (the substance between the logs that keeps the elements where they belong - outside) and then the interior - that's where I come in.

Main Floor from sunroom   

This is the main level taken from the new sunroom. (Aren’t those photo stitch settings on your camera amazing!!)

 Top Floor from corner  

The second level – the master suite.

A lot of work you say -- you bet your patootie it's a lot of work. I am humbled by the dedication these folks have for their project. However, once you set foot on the property (actually even before you get there) the sense of peace and calm you feel makes it easy to understand the pull. And can you imagine the phenomenal sense of accomplishment these folks will feel at the end of their project. Just spending two days there was enough to get my mind reeling with possibilities for our future projects.


So I arrived armed with my camera, graph paper and tape measure, magazines and ideas. Hubster brought his brawn (and his guitar too for a song or two) and we had a fantastic weekend. Measurements were interrupted by some great outdoor time - ATV trips up the mountain to see the amazing view, wielding of the chainsaw to fell tree stands, using some of those logs to begin an exterior hardscaping project that will eventually be steps leading down to a cool shady spot to hide when the summers heat up, some excellent meals and a bottle or two of red :).  

And being the city-slickers we are (although you would hear otherwise from hubster – grunt grunt), we were quite thankful for the hot tub when we got home!



I thank these dear friends for the opportunity to work on such an amazing project and for their generosity in allowing me to blog about it.

You will definitely be hearing more about the "Matawatchan Project" in the future ....


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