~Unique Gift Holders~

This season I wanted to do something extra special. So I gathered some rare pink abalones and white scallop shells and created the most unique gift holder! They are so pretty with crushed diamond dust... I absolutely love these!
Here's how they work:
You pull back the French text paper, stuff candies, gift cards, money, jewelry, or anything you can fit! Then, remove the green seal and close it shut!
On the back is a decorative "Open Me" tag
for the special person who receives it.
Ohh I love these, and I love all they can do. They make the most perfect stocking stuffer, gift topper, or even placed on one's pillow. (My mom would always do that for me and it always made my heart smile when I came home to a card, a little present, or candies placed on my bed pillow, just because... I love you mom!)
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