The Power of Sharing~

A long long time ago Claudia from The Paris Apartment viewed this world through her own eyes and saw pieces of her passion in everything. Capturing things she was passionate about and made them "come alive" and shared her love with others. Back in 2006 when she begun blogging she compassionately expressed her travels to Paris, told all the viewers how she just loved old French perfume labels, old French handwritten letters, fresh peonies, heavenly blue skies, squeaking floors of an old building and my gosh, so much more... I'm sure so many of us can relate and see the beauty in this world as Claudia does. It's in the small things that are small to many but BIG to people like us.
I myself, have always admired Claudia's blog. When I visit I see a truly genuine person through the lines she writes and that has always brought me back to her blog. I did not know how powerful she was until my Mom (of French Blue & Co.) and I sat at lunch one day and my Mom said her google analytics went out the roof when Claudia mentioned my Moms website on her blog. Soon after, Claudia has opened the door for many and is now offering advertising on her blog. And, I am happy to say that I recently came on board with her and am managing the ads for her. :-) I am thrilled to help her out with this as she has built The Paris Apartment so well I admire her drive and passion towards her business.
The Paris Apartment has very reasonable rates! And it's a gorgeous place! For the last couple weeks Claudia and I have been cranking it out and I have found that there has been such positive feedback from the current business who advertise on her blog.
I have an ad and am ever so thankful Claudia shares a part of her blog with me.
Claudia's passion & friendship that she shares has opened a wide door for me - AND many - AND has helped my business grow! I hope you take this opportunity as I want to invite you to advertise on The Paris Apartment! Now, let's take a seat together and talk about it!
You can email me HERE :)
Oh I must not forget... all the pictures above are from The Paris Apartment's Blog, a long long time ago when it all began.


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