Media: Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pencils, Pilot G-TEC black fineliner, Quill white A4 Multiboard and gold gelpen
Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

There's something you should know about me: that I am a neat freak. I like things organised and I like things clean. So one day I was surfing the internet for blogs I could possibly follow. Then I got curious is my blog would appear in the Google search engine. It didn't. It only appeared when I searched up my name.
Then it led me to embarrassing photos that were in my Google Plus profile. It was a collection of past uploads onto my previous blogs that dated back to 2009. I took down the albums, then as I did, I decided why not delete the other ones that I don't think are necessary for keeping. So then I did.
I felt glad and satisfied by cleaning up my profile. Then the next day I checked up on my Blogger account and noticed that my blog heading was completely gone replaced by one of those images that said, there was no available image. At first I thought it was just a bad internet service, but then it all made sense to me. I log in with Blogger with my Google account. I remember seeing my header photo in one of the albums.

I had a long quiet thought process of the regret and stupidity I felt. So I decided I'd look at this on the bright side. Besides loosing all the hard work I put into blogging for the last couple of years, I've always needed an excuse to start completely fresh. So I'm just taking this chance.
This is a recovery post of the past illustrations I did a month ago (maybe two). Sadly, I don't have the digital files of the past works, but then again, I'm giving myself more room for improvement.
This will now mark the beginning of yet another journey in developing my own artistic style.

NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: Never delete photos in my Google account. It's a bad idea.


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