Growing Up in a Beautiful Home

Yes, it's true.. this is where I grew up.
It is magical, love and will always be home.
All white french armchair with a Le Meurice Hotel pillow that sits in the family room next to a door that opens to the ocean breeze.

A French statue and pair of urns filled with white coral accessorized with quartz and special finds while framed with an old mirror and pair of beaded french sconces.

Ever since I was little my mom collected bird nests and sweet belongings of nature. This being one of them... she displayed under an old bell jar that sits in her entry.

A statue made of salt that Grandma Peal left to our family sits under another old bell jar that is now topped with a fanciful paper fleur making the perfect head piece.
Every square inch of their home has something this special. This plaster mold sits on an old console that leads out the French doors into the courtyard.
I love this hutch. Full of books, an old moon globe, astier birds, and paper!
A quartz bug! They are so CUTE! I have one of my own my mom gave me as a gift and I love it SO much! I think they will be available on French Blue and Co soon.
Then there's Buick! He loves anything new that comes home. He will sit and sleep on everything old. After mom bought a vintage Goyard trunk it was HIS (not hers) for weeks. :)
Sometimes I can't believe I grew up in a home like this. When I go to visit I feel like I am in one of the most beautiful places. I want everything in there and can't get enough of it. When I stay over for a night you feel like a hotel guest but even better as your surrounded with love.


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