Happy Spring from French Blue and Co.

Spring is here with a warm glow of the sun just around the corner. The smell of Jasmine and saltwater is in the air and the birds seem to be very busy little things these days. We believe this season will delicately paint each of us a pallet of new beginnings, some big and some small...but all good.

FrenchBlue & Co. has been looking within, creating, examining fragments of nature and finding vintage beauties for you that remain simple and true. Gems to hold close for yourself and gifts to give from your hearts.

Have a Beautiful Spring, A Happy Easter, A Peaceful Passover and Most of all... Happy Mother's Day to all of you Beautiful Mom's!! -french blue & co
View some of the new Spring additions below... and click HERE to visit French Blue & Co.

Vintage Feather Hat
Handmade paper fleur necklace

Real butterfly on wood!
One of a kind.. aqua quartz bug!

And Ritzy glasses for two...

Have a grat day! Noel


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