Dried hydrangea's on an old wood table, slipcovers on the parson chairs, fresh, simple and pure.

These little sugars from Europe are so great to have in the kitchen. I love having them around to serve for guests with tea or coffee. The tiny things that make people smile!
You can purchase these at French Blue & C0.
I thought this was a really cute way to have name tags for any occasion.

A Fanciful Design. Sweet Green Tea Paper Shoe. It reminds me of a fairy shoe for us humans! I hand dye the detail papers and sculpt the shoe freely. One of my favorites! See more here.
1959- A beautiful film based on a 1904 novel by William Henry Hudson. It is set in South America. Our protagonist, Abel, is driven from Caraccas by political upheaval. He flees into the jungle where he encounters a nature girl named Rima. Rima is played by Audrey Hepburn. Romance, mysticism and raw reality entwine. My favorite films are those which do well as novels and works of art. I think this weekend I'll watch a classic.
I always find inspiring things in the old set designs.
Have a GREAT weekend!! I look forward to announcing the WINNER for the Fanciful Design Prize on Monday! Thank you all for participating! You have made this too much fun!

To participate in the FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY click HERE to see how it works. Sometimes it's nice to get what you wished for*


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