Shades of White... FREE PRIZE WEEK, Get what YOU wished for*

Who wouldn't love this as their dream bath?
White Peacock. Gorgeous or what! They represent something?... does anyone know?
Marie from Marie Marche found out for me... White Peacocks are a a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. Love that. Thanks Marie!!

I love Ness' handmade pillows. She has a beautiful blog and does beautiful work! When I first started blogging this was one of the first blogs I found. Sounds crazy but I feel like we're blogging soul mates! My little journal where I keep my torn inspirations is grey and white, pictures of white interiors, clippings of peonies and french accessories. I just had to laugh when I found Ness. If you haven't already seen her shop you must! I've gotta get one of her signature cushions. They're adorable!
A Fanciful Design, Paper Dress Form. This little dress form is meant to place on a dresser or in a bath and display a necklace or two on. It's a little piece of handmade art that adds character to any setting. See more here.
Marble Basin. Such a clean universal piece. I would love to see a display of succulents in it. Or wouldn't it be great to have at a party and put tiny glass champagne bottles in it over ice?
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