Huge Paper Flowers

OK, I had to share. Over the weekend I got an email from my friend Dana who owns an adorable stationary store in North Carolina called A Fine Line. She was wondering if I could take on this job of making her huge paper flowers for her stores window as she was having a photo shoot and wanted something special. I of course said "of course!" We got inspired by Chanel's Spring 2009 Fashion show and went from there. So here's my newest discoveries and art for Fanciful Designs...

Close up of my daisy
Did you know the Chanel store in Paris gives a paper flower with every purchase? I want to go there now just to get one :)
Mannequin display of handmade paper Fleur's made by me.
I'm making another of these (above) into a head piece!
My version of a peony
And of course a Rose!
I will be posting pictures of Dana's photo shoot soon...
I am also taking custom orders on these too. They would be amazing for a wedding, mounted on a French Blue wall, topped on a gift, Tune in soon and I'll be posting my paper art French jewelery!
Any questions.. just email me! xo~ noel.


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